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St James Church Taunton

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Charles Letherby


Name:  Charles Reginald Letherby (Leatherby)

Rank:  Private

Service Number: 203573

Regiment: Somerset Light Infantry

Battalion/Unit number: 1st/4th Battalion TF

Date/year of Birth: 1899

Place of Birth: Taunton

Place of Residence: 3, Union Gate, East Reach

Date of Death: 5th January 1919

Place of Death: Greece

Burial/Memorial:  Mikra Cemetery, Kalamaria

Charles was born in Taunton and before the war he lived with his parents Charles and Rose in Union Gate, near the Taunton & Somerset Hospital on East Reach.  His father was a labourer for Taunton Corporation and his mother worked in one of the silk factories.  Charles had a sister, Beatrice, who worked in another of Taunton’s thriving industries at the time, one of the shirt factories in Taunton.

Little is known so far about Charles’ war time experiences.  According to the Wells Book of Remembrance, he served in the 1st/4th Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry.  However, Mikra was the base of the British Salonika Force which did not include the SLI so Charles may have been transferred to another regiment serving there.

Conditions in the area were very harsh and about three times as many died from malaria and other illnesses than from battle action.


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