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St James Church Taunton

World War 1 Memorial Project

Edward Pring


Name:  Edward Pring

Rank:  Boy 1st Class

Service Number: J/38100

Regiment: Royal Navy

Battalion/Unit number: HMS Defence

Date/year of Birth: 15 Sep 1898

Place of Birth: Taunton

Place of Residence: 31 King Street, Taunton

Date of Death: 31st May 1916

Place of Death: at sea - Battle of Jutland

Burial/Memorial:  Plymouth Naval Memorial

The register for the Plymouth Memorial states that Edward’s parents are E and A Pyne, not Pring.  The address given is 31, King Street, Taunton.  In 1901, Annie Pring was living with her widowed father, sister and two children – Edwin age 2 and Daisy who was one month old.

Annie married Edward Pyne in 1907 and the couple can be found in the 1911 census at 31 King Street with children Edward, Daisy and Ellen aged 12, 10 and 6 respectively.

Annie worked as a collar ironer and her husband was a plasterer.

Edward joined the Royal Navy and served on HMS Defence, one of the warships that took part in the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the war.  Defence went to engage with a disabled German light cruiser when she was fired upon by a battlecruiser and four dreadnoughts.  The rear magazine on the ship exploded and the fire spread to the secondary magazines which also exploded.  The crew numbered 903 men - there were no survivors.

The wreck of the ship lies on the sea bed with the bow and stern blown off and only the midships section intact and upright.


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